Helen Bartholomew Original Paintings

helen bartholomew

This small group of paintings precede the 'Self Portrait' series and could be seen as an introduction to myself and my family. 

The first two works on this page were produced quite early in my painting career and have proved to be

 important pieces artistically and emotionally and so have remained in my possession. 

Through The Darkness oil on board 60x40cm

The Steiff rabbit in this painting belonged to my mother, Eileen Patricia (nee Tebbutt). She was born in Reading, Berkshire to Ida and Brian in 1936.

The writing on the card 'Through the darkness, be though near me' is part of a prayer which was used at the end of our school day during the early sixties.

Jesus gentle shepherd hear me

Guard thy little lamb tonight.

Through the darkness be though near me

Wake me with the morning light. 

This Old Man oil on board 30x24cm

My Dad, Benjamin John Bartholomew, born in Baker, Montana in 1933. His parents Eva and Floyd were farmers.

At the age of forty two he retired from the American Air Force and settled in Suffolk on a small holding 

where he returned to farming and self sufficiency.

California oil and graphite on card 20x20cm

337 West Mill Street is the address where my family lived for two years when I was aged six. 

I remember dry silver lawns, bare feet, our pet tortoise, my Mum and her friend Teresa.


Southern Skies oil and graphite on canvas 20x20cm

Christmas in the sun ! We lived two years in Christchurch, New Zealand when I was aged eight.

No frosty winter mornings in December !

Wooden Hill oil and graphite on canvas 20x20cm

'Up the wooden hill' meant bed time in our household.

Blue Foot, Stinky Foot oil on canvas 10x8cm

My brother John (right) and myself outside the back of our home in 1965. 'Blue Foot' relates to the colour of my slippers.

Missing from this picture is my sister Jennifer who was 'Red Foot' and my cousin Katherine who was 'Big Foot'. 

Hils on the ferry to Amsterdam pencil on A4 paper

Hils and I both studied with Ken and have since enjoyed exploring the art world together.