Helen Bartholomew Original Paintings

helen bartholomew

Royal Society Portrait Painters

online gallery available at the Mall Galleries

2020 'Self Portrait Orange Collar'

2019 'California'

The Discerning Eye

Online gallery available at http://www.discerningeye.org/

2018 'Small Self portrait' chosen by John Hickey (collector)

2014 'Sooty & Me' chosen by Chris Ingram (collector)

2009 'Wooden Hill' chosen by Julius Bryant (critic)

2008 'Self Portrait - Winter' chosen by Brenda Fenton (collector)

2005 'This Old Man II'

Inspired By Becker

This an old posting but will this exhibition will be held again in 2015. Watch this space.

See my paintings alongside many other established artists, past and present, in this show.

9th August 10 to 5pm & 10th August 10 to 4pm 2014.

St. Peters Church, Wenhaston, IP19 9BJ.

On display: original work by Harry Becker and Mary Newcomb 

The Buckenham Galleries

View examples of all gallery artists at http://www.buckenhamgalleries.co.uk/ 

LLewellyn Alexander Fine Paintings

view all exhibitions including 'Not The Royal Academy'


New English Art Club

Online gallery available at http://newenglishartclub.co.uk/ 

2011 'Fantasia at the Circus' 

2008  'Holiday'

2006  'This Old Man'

Hilary Bartholomew

'Hils on the ferry to Amsterdam'  pencil drawing on A4 paper 




Have a look at Hils' website at


Hils and I both trained with Ken and have since enjoyed exploring the art world together.