Helen Bartholomew Original Paintings

helen bartholomew


oil on canvas 30 x 24cm

Gracie oil on canvas 30 x 24cm

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The following works are all self portraits, to me, these are paintings in which I just happen to be.

Some of the works refer to my family and contain objects that relate to my past.

  Some are quiet, reflective images, deep in concentration. 

Daisy oil on canvas 30 x 24cm

My New Hat oil on canvas 30x24cm

August oil on canvas 30 x 24cm

California oil on canvas 40 x 40cm

Why California? The photograph inside the sunflower frame is Mum and myself sitting on the lawn of our back garden in the California heat.  

Above My Head oil and graphite on canvas 50x50cm

The writing on this painting is taken from one of my dreams.

I wake in the light of dawn to the sound of a voice calling from outside.

I lay in a bed the colour of mustard yellow with delicate birds painted above my head.

Sooty and Me oil on canvas 24x30cm

Me and Sooty oil on canvas 40x40cm

Why Sooty? He was part of my childhood.

Helen's Selfie in Lilac oil on canvas 30x24cm