Helen Bartholomew Original Paintings

helen bartholomew

Wooden Doll Series

These paintings form part of an ongoing project which started in 1996, the first work being 'Self Portrait with Wooden Doll' oil on canvas 60x40cm 1998.

The doll was used in numerous projects whilst I was studying with Ken. With no hair or limbs and only slight markings for facial features the doll became a prominent subject at that time.

'Crystal Clear'  triptych, oil on panel 120x60cm 2000-2002 is part of this group of paintings but portrays the 'tombstone' like shapes which also feature prominently in this series. 

I see the doll and tombstone as open images on which to project my ideas and feelings. A rich source of material which can be interpreted in many ways as shown in the works below.

'Compassion' oil, collage and graphite on canvas 60x60cm

Mirror Image oil & collage on canvas 60x80cm

Me & My Dog oil on muslin 40x30cm

Mortality oil on canvas  30x30cm

Happiness oil & graphite on canvas 30x30cm

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